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Yshai Afterman Percussion player
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Yshai Afterman is a leading voice in the international percussion world. Mastering Middle Eastern hand drums, he has toured extensively and gave masterclasses all over the world alongside countless concerts with Israel's top artists.

A composer and singer/song writer too, he released 2 albums "A line From Here to Nowhere" (2017) and "Naomi" (2019).

He studied Dramatic arts at the prestigious Nissan Native Acting studio in Tel Aviv (2005-2008), a study he claims to have shaped his artistic approach to music. 

His percussion teacher is Zohar Fresco of which he studied under between 2007-2009. He also studied advanced rhythmology under Mark Moshayev, Drumset under Avi Diamond, and currently studying piano under Natalia Blumenfeld.

Yshai is the head of the rhythm and percussion faculty at the prestigious Maquamat School Of Eastern Music in Zefat. Teaching online since 2010, he is one of the most sought after percussion teachers in the world, teaching hundreds of students globally.

Photo by Zohar Ron

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